Our Approach

Sanctuary Moon is a 501(c)(3) microsanctuary for non-human animals who where formally “farmed”, abused, neglected, or exploited. We operate on vegan principles and are dedicated to providing a safe haven for displaced individuals - barn animals - that have historically been farmed and exploited by the human world. We dedicate our resources to assist giving these animals a happy ending.

We Are Vegan.  We are committed to rejecting any form of non-human exploitation and advocating that others do the same. We believe that veganism is one of the primary ways we can do the least harm and contribute to a better world for all animals.

Our Residents

We currently provide sanctuary to 20 roosters, 8 hens, 4 ducks and 2 goat residents who call Sanctuary Moon their permanent home. That makes 34 formerly farmed individuals who have a second chance at a life free from harm.

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Our Property

Sanctuary Moon is situated on a 3.5 acre property nestled in a rural community. We believe all animals deserve to live happy, safe and free! At Sanctuary Moon, we make safety and flock compatibility our top priorities by ensuring appropriate predator proofing and the best suited flock mates for our residents. Some of our residents may even have their own coop and run which is all based on their individual personality and needs!

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Our Staff

Sanctuary Moon is made up of a dedicated network of advocates, rescuers, caretakers, donors, and a Board of Directors. These are the Humans that help make Sanctuary Moon a Home for Animals.

Meet the Humans

Why We Created a Microsanctuary?

Ryan spent years volunteering at a local wildlife rehab and when he met Rachel, she had recently decided that her newly adopted vegan lifestyle meant a greater responsibility to her fellow non-humans. They decided together to adopt a group of ducks that Ryan assisted in rescuing in 2014. This opened the door to opening more animals into their lives...the rest is history!

Our Future Plans

We plan to continue our focus towards bird rescue and care while keeping an open mind towards any species we may be able to accommodate under our sustainable growth model. We will continue a special focus on roosters who are disproportionately exploited and marginalized by animal agriculture in both industrial and “backyard” farming.

Thank you SO much for your ongoing support of Sanctuary Moon!

Why Ryan Rachel Created a Microsanctuary

Join the Cause!

YOU can help us in so many ways - by becoming an ADVOCATE, a PATRON, a SPONSOR, a DONOR, a VOLUNTEER, or even join our BOARD of DIRECTORS. Check out these option descriptions and see where your skills or passions can become a part of Sanctuary Moon: